Shocking Truth: ¨Limited Collections¨ Are Not That Limited At All.

Did you know that THOUSANDS of the most popular & exclusive sneakers and clothes get left behind? These sneakers/clothes get replaced when there is an inspection, default or a defective batch that was sent to the retail, turning bad due to the weather storage conditions (as most sneakers are kept in a warehouse for months, even years, before being sent to retail stores),


Just like that.

These factories (hired by big brands) produce 2-5 times the amount of designer parts and divide the entire production into multiple different factories to prevent a single factory from gaining any design knowledge or the power to have access to or sell these parts in the first place. Finally, they are all brought all together at the private assembly chain ready to be assembled! 


The main reason for all this is that they need these extra pairs ¨just in case¨- to replace rejected pairs after they fail to pass the final quality inspection release, since they could never be late for an the announcement item release date. Well, guess what happens once enough pairs pass control and these huge companies reach their quota?


Hundreds (if not thousands) Of Extra Pairs Get Left Behind.


Can you believe it? As crazy as it might sound, big brands release very limited stock into the market to create scarcity and scale up prices. The rest left behind is just meant to be discarded, but instead of that as sneaker lovers, we went to the manufacturers and asked them to work with us to sell these leftovers.

That is why our products are UA (Unauthorized Authentic), which is the closest you can get without breaking the bank or your pockets to owning these highly limited and iconic street wear fashions.  

So... why pay more when you get the same for less?

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